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Having already introduced this game in the All Irish Casino com Games section, in this section of our website, we will be giving you further details on how the All Irish Casino Blackjack works and what to expect from the game itself.

Being one of the live games on offer at All Irish Casino com, the live feed for this game is transmitted live from the Portomaso Casino which is found on the island of Malta. Knowing that it can sometimes be hard to travel from your home town to a nearby land-based casino, All Irish Casino has configured a way of bringing the land-based casino straight to your computer. This is possible as Portomaso casino has a live feed connected to All Irish Casino and all its live games (including All Irish Casino Blackjack and All Irish Casino Roulette), and this allows you to play the same games from a land-based casino and have the similar feeling you would have as if you were in the land-based casino yourself. This (among many others) is a great advantage that online casinos have to land-based casinos and All Irish Casino com is no exception.

Whether you have experience in playing the traditional game of Blackjack or not, you will find that the game is quite simple to understand. Blackjack is a card game and its aim is also quite simple. All it requires is that the player’s hand has to have more points than the dealer’s hand. One thing however to keep in mind is the fact that a player’s (or dealer’s) hand must not exceed a total of 21 points. The point system is calculated as follows: the Ace adds up to either 1 or 11 points (the points of the Ace depends on the other cards which are dealt in a single hand so long as the hand does not exceed the 21 points – Blackjack); the King, Queen and Jack cards each has a total of 10 points each, while all other cards’ point are calculated according to their face value (for example the 10 adds up to 10 points, the 3 add up to 3 points and so on). The best hand which can be dealt is a Blackjack made up of two cards totalling 21 points where one of which is a picture card or a 10 (picture card – King, Queen or Jack) and an Ace taken at a value of 11 points.

Now this is where the difference of a standard land-based casino Blackjack game differs to an online Blackjack game. The main difference is the fact that there is no limit to the number of players who can sit in and play an online Blackjack game. For this reason, the online player does not get the choice of selecting when to stop or request to be dealt another card. It is up to the dealers who follow very specific and strict rules and regulations to stop dealing a particular hand.

The online live Blackjack game on All Irish Casino com can be selected from a number of tables available to online players. Each table has different betting limits and each limit accommodates different types of players from the well-experienced to the beginners (depending how much the player is willing to bet with real money). The format of the game includes a small screen on the top right of the computer screen which shows the live dealer at the Portomaso Casino dealing out the cards. The rest of the screen shows a copy of the actual table one would see in a land-based casino which enables the online player to place bets as if he / she were in an actual casino. The player can select to place bets in 3 different allocated sections on the table where the hands will be dealt and the player bases his / her bets on which hand he / she predicts will be the winning hand which reaches Blackjack or has a higher amount of points than the dealer’s hand.

At the beginning of each game the dealer will begin dealing cards from the already shuffled decks placed on the shoe. The dealer will continue dealing a card to each section where the bets have been placed and to himself / herself one card at a time. The dealer will stop dealing the cards if the total amount of points adds up to 17 or more. If the dealt cards’ points add up to 16 points or less, the dealer will keep dealing the cards. As mentioned earlier this is the part that makes the online version of Blackjack different to the land-based Blackjack game.

In the betting process, the player can choose to bet on either all three or simply one or two of the designated betting areas on the table before the cards begin to be dealt. Each time the dealer deals the cards, the cards will be dealt facing upright so that the player can see all the cards which are being dealt. One of the important factors to take into consideration is the fact that the dealers are the ones who take charge of the hands being dealt and how many cards each hand will have. But they follow very strict rules and regulations in order to do so.

The only choice an online player will have to make during the Blackjack game is whether or not he / she would like to Double Down or Split his / her hand when the opportunity calls for it. Doubling down means that if the player’s hand reaches a total of 9, 10 or 11 points, he / she will be given the choice whether he / she would like to double their bet or may choose to not do so; the player has 5 seconds to make this choice. When we refer to a ‘Split’, this means that the player will be informed on their computer screen (via a pop up marker under the specific hand) when they are given the choice to split their cards. Once a decision is made to split the cards, during a 5 second time limit, then the player must also double the bet of that particular hand in order to cover both splits.

If any online player is unsure of the rules and regulations of the Blackjack game at any point during the game, then he / she may refer to these terms from the information bar within the game. If there are further queries, any player can contact the Customer support department via email, telephone or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.